De-alcoholised wine

Nejlepší víno bez alkoholu kup na prodejně vína podle Gusta obchod. Osobní odběr zdarma! Vína doručíme do celé ČR. Prodej 0,0% vín zde. Alcohol-free, non-alcoholic, de-alcoholised and zero-alcohol wines, cocktails and other drinks without alcohol. More features the best non-alcoholic Chardonnay, Cabernet and more. Buy online for in-store pick up, local delivery or ship to your home or office. Do de-alcoholised wines taste the same as normal wines?

De-alcoholised wines tend to taste sweeter, have more cooked fruit flavours and lack the finesse and fine aromas that come from 'real' wines. They are much better these days than they used to be but in our opinion, we'd give them a swerve.

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